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the return of texts from wawanakwa……..

i’m sorry for the hiatus i solely blame chris

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Small, picture-less announcement concerning a fanmail I got earlier on.

Textsfromwawanakwa will have new content very soon-ish, but I’ve been having health problems lately, and I also had to focus on school a little bit more since it’s started raining with tests.

Again, I apologise, but there’s stuff I need out of the way before I start doing texts (or anything productive) again.

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one touch, one lost finger

i’m sorry these are getting progressively worse

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brotherly love

no but really what if jose is just a guy who doesn’t know where to stop when teasing baby al?

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scott is a very sentimental person in the mornings

this is what happens when people don’t give specifics

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Ask Box is closed until Admin Durama gets her shit together

You guys could always submit and stuff… But I really need to trim down on some of these requests ASAP.

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and yet it was awkward

in which durama actually cannot write shippy or in character things

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because what if the only thing standing between them is their knowledge of what the other is capable of

my humblest apologies to anyone who expected something shippy and in-character

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Anonymous ;
wtf why doesn't anyone have iOS 7 yet

A Chris McLean intervention.


Because I said so. 

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